Freight or Flight!

There are very few people we entrust with our belongings, especially those which we ship locally or internationally.  When it comes to important documents, contracts, funds or even gifts, we tend to become quite anxious at the thought of not transporting and delivering these items ourselves.  However, ASAP Courier of Florida is a state […]

A TRUE ASAP Courier Story

We received a call from a Medical supply company looking for help to get a Medical part over to the West Coast (Tampa, FL) for a Medical procedure that was supposed to happen the NEXT morning.  Apparently they  depended on FedEx to ship the piece.

Well it turns out they were a minute late […]

Rush Messenger Service Miami?

Miami is one of America’s most beautiful cities and with that comes lots of energy! Whether people are sending each other personal packages and gifts, or businesses shipping items back and forth, there is always a need for fast and reliable couriers!  The Rush Messenger Service of Miami has come up with and improved […]

ASAP Courier Comes to The Rescue Yet Again!

On a late Sunday evening we had one of our biggest clients in Palm Beach County call us because their driver was exceeding the DOT regulations for overtime and they needed our assistance to get it done. The driver was in Fort Pierce. I would say it was 5:15 pm and they were frantic.
ASAP Provides […]

What Is Logistics All About?

So, how does logistics really work?
Logistics refers to the supply chain management system that is used by a business in order to meet customer demands for goods. It includes all of the research, planning, controlling and implementing of transportation and storage of either information or products. Logistics encompasses the entire consumer system, from the […]

Need a Courier?

What Is an Express Courier Service?
As the owner or manager of a business, you know just how important it is to be on time with everything that you do. When you need to get a letter or parcel somewhere and time is of the essence, an express courier service is an ideal choice. With […]

Do Courier Services Deliver On Saturdays?

Do Courier Services Deliver On Saturdays?
There are many advantages to using a courier service rather than regular mail or other commercial shipping companies. The very first of which is a no brainer, convenience!  The second is another good reason, reliability! This is not limited to weekdays 9-5. Do courier services deliver on Saturdays? – […]

Reliable Courier Mail Service?

Our Courier Mail Service Is Always On The Go, So You Don’t Have To Be!
We know how hectic life can get. Between business, family and personal errands, it may seem that you don’t even have time to go drop off Aunt Betty’s birthday gift! Now, there is a reliable courier service available which can […]

Deliver Happiness!

Are you looking for a national courier service of USA?
In today’s day and age, there is nothing better than improving efficiency. We are all used to the hustle and bustle of everyday life and delivering and receiving packages shouldn’t break that workflow. We know how difficult and inconvenient it can be to travel to […]